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Stone Bodyworks Fitness is a practice dedicated to the mindful integration of fitness and wellness into your everyday life. My goal is to meet you where you are and help you to get to where you want to be, whether this is simply to move without pain or to become a healthier and more vibrant you!
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My clients have referred to me as a body mechanic and a body wizard!

Specializing in pain-free fitness. Whether you are a weekend warrior, athlete, fitness enthusiast, yogi, couch potato, etc., I can help you reduce chronic pain by addressing the alignment of the body. We will stretch what is tight and strengthen what is weak, with the intention of getting the body as close to ideal alignment as possible. The idea is that the body was designed to function with a certain alignment, and the further we deviate from this ideal, the more potential we have for pain and injury in the body. I use the tools and knowledge that I have gained in my fifteen years of experience to assist each client in improving function and well-being.

Growing older is inevitable,
but how we age is a choice!

At Stone Bodyworks, we provide you with the tools that you need to enhance your current level of fitness and health. It is an educational process, that empowers the client to take responsibility for their current and future well-being. We use movement and exercise as a healing modality- it becomes pro-aging medicine….improving the way we age. Nutrition and stress reduction are also addressed as these
are essential components to balanced health.

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