Why is the warm up so important with ELDOA?

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A well-balanced warm up is an essential component to prepare the body for the ELDOA postures. It should get blood pumping thru the muscles, increase the heart rate, incorporates breath awareness to improve respiratory function, and include total body movements to improve range of motion and warm up the joints of the body. With a well- balanced warm up, we prepare the body and mind for exercise and decrease the risk of pain and injury.

The goal in these movement sequences is to move each joint thru the fullest, pain- free range of motion available. With consistent practice, the joints become ready to withstand the multitude of movements that exercise and life require. This sequence is also a great way to start the day. It only takes about ten minutes to wake up all the major joints of the body making it perfect for a daily maintenance program for the moving body. It is also a great preparation for an ELDOA practice, a workout, golf, tennis, biking, running, and any other type of exercise.

As an ELDOA Trainer™, I use the warm up as an opportunity to improve awareness of posture and movement in the body. The warm- up sets the stage for the class… with good body awareness as the foundation, the body then has the opportunity to change its patterns and heal from pain and injury.

Check out my video below – it is the perfect way to prepare for your home ELDOA practice.

As moving bodies, we tend to get “stuck” in certain ranges of motion and movement patterns. I notice that people stop bending over and/or bending their knees as much as the hips and spine get tighter, they stop reaching overhead as the shoulder joints get tighter from being on a computer all day… the less we move, the more the muscles, fascia, joints get stuck. It becomes a vicious cycle, as we become tighter and tighter, then we tend to attribute it to the fact that we are getting older. Yes, it is true- we are getting older, but that does not mean that lack of mobility is inevitable! I believe we need to become more like our pets… we need to stretch and move the body regularly to resist the tendency of our tissues to get “stuck” due to lack of movement. The total body warm up that I have put together is an excellent tool to help with this, but it is important to remember that it needs to be applied regularly! Daily is ideal! Watch your pets…notice after every nap, they get up and stretch in some way, even if they are old! So, no more using the “I’m getting old” excuse!

If you’re interested in learning how to create a daily movement program to address your individual needs, please contact me today to set up a complimentary 30 minute consultation!

Also, Learn how to improve posture and decrease your chance for pain in injury in life and in sport, in one of my ELDOA classes below.

Total Body Warm Up

This is a simple daily movement routine to warm up the major joints of the body. This sequence can also serve as a warm up to strength training or other forms of exercise.