Why do you exercise?

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Do you find joy in it? Do you wish you found joy in it? Do you do it to look good? Feel good? For future payoffs? To avoid pain?

If you don’t enjoy exercise, WHY? Is it due to pain? Lack of desire? 

I’ve met many humans over the years who seem to have given up the desire to challenge their body to move more than what is needed in daily life. They don’t have a consistent exercise program other than walking. A movement practice is an investment in your future health….it helps build strength and confidence in your moving body so that it can sustain life’s demands with resilience vs. injury and pain.

Don’t give up on YOUR ONLY BODY!!! You are not sentenced to become an old, frail, immobile human!! It is not a downhill slide, over which you have no control!
The secret is that you do have control, and lots of it! But to take control, movement needs to become a consistent part of your self-care routine. It is not an option that you’ll get to when “life slows down”. I’ve heard that line way too many times over the years!  If that is your mantra, then chances are, your life will never slow down enough for you to make time.

That’s not how life works! In contrast, it seems that the older we get the more life speeds up! Keep your body strong and you’ll be able to keep up!

What do I mean by all of this crazy talk? Well, if you think that doing 25 squats is crazy, then you need to get crazy and get strong enough to do 25 squats. This is not a crazy request for a strong resilient body- no matter what your age! If you think I’m crazy, then I’ll let you carry on your merry way, and I’ll keep squatting, doing my ELDOA postures whenever I get the chance, and taking every opportunity to move my body now, so that it has the strength and resilience to serve me later.  What will you choose? 

Do you find yourself avoiding movement due to pain or injury, then it’s time for you to reach out! Let me help you design a movement plan that fits your life, and your individual needs! I offer private coaching virtually and in-person on St. Croix, and also offer weekly virtual ELDOA classes to help you build a more resilient body.

Not sure what ELDOA is? Don’t worry about the name, just trust me that you need it in your life! Reach out and I’ll set you up with you FIRST CLASS FOR FREE! You can contact me the old fashioned way: 828-280-4987, or by clicking this link: https://form.jotform.com/73505264484156

I’ve included class updates in the flyers below including information on my upcoming 3- week ELDOA Series @ Studio 360.

The goal of this series is to help you build a home practice with the ELDOA postures that are right for your spine. It’s limited to 6 people, so grab your spot quick! 

Movement is medicine! Get your daily dose!

Yours in resilient body,