What is ELDOA? How can it help YOU build a more resilient spine?

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Are you still wondering what ELDOA is and why your spine NEEDS it?
It’s time for you to find out!
Check out this video I made describing ELDOA and how it can help you build a stronger, more resilient spine! 


Just a short and sweet newsletter for you this month:) Read on for details on class updates for June, as well as information on a super special event I’m offering at ARTFarm in St. Croix on July 3rd. I’m super excited to be collaborating with a few other people on this one! It’s going to involve all the good stuff; Yin yoga, reiki, CBD, and live music. Read on for the details and how to reserve your spot!

What’s new in JUNE?

  • No LIVE Classes 5/31- 6/30; classes resume Tuesday July 5th.
  • NEW FREE VIDEO on YouTube!
    • Grounding into Healing: Calm the mind & relax the body with Yin yoga, Reiki, CBD & Live Music
      • I am super excited to be joining yogic & Reiki forces with Shera Elvins as we introduce this special event at ARTFarm in St. Croix. We will be joined by Jody Starr, Certified Ganjier & Mary Orr, Therapeutic Musician for this educational & experiential event, where participants will have the opportunity to:
        • Learn how CBD is a natural alternative to pills & helps with anxiety, depression, pain, sleep, gut health, etc. 
        • Experience the medicinal effects of a CBD rich, hemp derived, whole plant, olive oil tincture from Fiddler’s Greens (https://www.fiddlers-greens.com/) to help quiet the mind & prepare the body for a deeply relaxing yoga practice 
        • Soak up the nurturing energy of Reiki & therapeutic music to ground into a healing practice for mind, body, and soul.
        • Check out the flyer below for complete details- including how to reserve. All reservations should be directed toward Shera (not me for this one!) Space is limited to only 15 people, so reserve your spot early as we expect this special event to fill up fast!
Do you want to have less pain with movement? Do you want to improve your spinal resilience? Do you feel like your aches & pains are getting in the way of your movement goals? If you answered “yes” to  these questions, then is sounds like you could benefit from some professional guidance with your exercise routine!  Let me design a bespoke movement program that helps you move better, feel better, and age better! Beginning in July,  I will be available for in-person coaching on St. Croix, as well as virtual coaching anywhere! Reach out to set up your complimentary consultation. Contact me via phone: 828-280-4987/ email: stonebodyworks@gmail.com or by clicking this link: https://form.jotform.com/73505264484156

Keep moving that amazing body of yours! I look forward to seeing you in July!