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An oh-so common new year goal… “To get in shape!”
We use exercise to help us “get in shape,” but what does that mean? What “shape” are we striving for? The shape we had 10, 20, 30 years ago? Is it really the shape we are after? If we look beyond that, hopefully there was a sense of youth-like strength and resilience that we felt as well. Is that what we desire now?

Do you feel strong & resilient… Or do these qualities feel like whispers of youth? They don’t have
to! But to recapture them, you must invest time & energy into learning NEW ways to move.
I see many humans approach their exercise/ movement program in the same ways they always have – because they don’t know any differently! Other than limiting or avoiding certain activities due to pain, they continue to apply the same fitness formula while they continually feel their quality of movement decrease as they age. As with learning anything new- you will need to invest time in learning HOW to move differently. The movements and exercises that served you in the past, may not be serving you now. To improve quality of movement, we will use different tools than were used to “stay in shape.” That means different exercises to get the job done.

As the body shifts, the exercise program needs to shift! And a properly “prescribed” program can help
you eliminate your aches and pains, so that you MOVE BETTER→ FEEL STRONGER & MORE

As you’re setting your goals for the new year, consider setting one that prioritizes improving your
quality of movement. If you need a bit of guidance, then I encourage you to reach out! I love helping my
clients connect with movement that builds strong, resilient bodies that can flow and change with the
currents of life 🙂 

I’ve got so many great tools available to help you move better in 2023!! And lots of them are
FREE! Check it out!

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