How to make time for fitness with a busy schedule

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“Oooops, I did it again! I missed the opportunity to move my body today!”

“Aaahhhhhhhh, and I did it again!! I missed yet another day to exercise”…ETC, ETC, ETC! “How do I get myself back on track?”


Shift your focus. Rather than focus on what you didn’t do, focus on what you can do. In my 20 years’ experience helping people integrate movement into their lives, I’ve found that the negative energy generated by thinking about the things you didn’t do lends itself to more of that same energy… so you keep getting more of what you don’t want – in this case, days on end without dedicated attention to your moving body.  When this becomes a chronic occurrence, we find ourselves a lifetime into the scenario above, and we still haven’t managed to integrate regular movement into our self-care routine. At this point, our bodies remind us through a continuous stream of aches and pains that it’s been neglected for a while, and it’s in desperate need of a tune- up. 

Treat yourself like an innocent child.  I’ve found that sometimes we must treat ourselves like small children when it comes to making time for the essential self-care “things” in life. How many times do children need to be reminded to brush their teeth? Bathe? Comb their hair? Change their clothes? They simply don’t care about these things because it is not yet in their conscious awareness TO care about them. Rather, their focus is on playing, learning, and exploring the new world around them, and they need the adults in their world to teach them and remind them about these basic self- care necessities. 

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself like that young child!  Remind yourself that just as you need to brush your teeth and bathe regularly, you also NEED to create time to move yourself regularly. NO EXCUSES! IT’S NOT AN OPTION ANYMORE!  Take yourself out for a walk. Get down on the floor for a stretch even if its’ just a long child’s pose. If you’re really feeling the need for some confidence, hold that superman pose for two minutes!!! Put some music on and dance. No matter how much the screaming child/ adult resists, remember that the one who is resisting does not yet understand that movement is just as important a component to basic self- care as brushing the teeth and bathing, so the adult must gently remind them and guide them back to movement.

Be the ever seeing and knowing adult to yourself! 

IT IS IN YOUR CONSCIOUS AWARENESS TO KNOW THAT MOVEMENT IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF LIVING!! Don’t shortchange yourself now or you may find yourself paying for it later!

But what if the above suggestions don’t work for you?? Then I want to encourage you to DIG DEEEPER! What is your motivation? What is your why? Why do you want to exercise/ move? What is the intention behind it? By discovering the motivating factor, it can often serve to light the fire and get you moving!  Then go even deeper and ask yourself: In what ways do you chronically self-sabotage yourself so that you seem to end up with no time to for movement? 

And one last idea for you… COMMIT! Commit to a series of classes with me as your trusty guide! Try a group class, or private coaching sessions to help you make a solid commitment to yourself and your moving body.

Leave the excuses behind, put your big kid pants on and do what needs to be done TODAY to help you move better and feel better tomorrow!

And remember, I am here to help – just reach out!