How do you set up a home workout space?

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Since gyms have been closed for most of us, I have heard many of my clients struggle with getting a home workout space established. Questions such as:

  • How do I set up for a workout when my space is limited?
  • What equipment do I need?
  • What do I wear?

Since I have been working virtually with clients for over five years now, I have helped many clients figure these details out successfully. So much so, that a few have given up their gym memberships for good because they enjoy the privacy and comfort of their home workouts.

Here are a few things that I have learned about the perfect home workout set up!

The space…check out the photo above to see a client’s condo living room that is set up for a workout.

  • Don’t be afraid to shift your furniture a bit!
    • A simple moving of the couch and coffee table; gives plenty of space for a yoga mat.

    • They have placed three hooks on the wall to the left of the curtain to anchor their exercise bands. When not in use, the hooks are hidden behind the curtain, nice touch!

    • Weights can be hidden under couches when not in use.

The equipment: Keep it simple, especially at first!

  • No equipment needed! Your body weight is all you need to begin- do not let “lack of equipment” be your excuse…I’d say that’s a lack of commitment!
  • Start with a mat- a padded one is best for when you do anything on your hands and knees.
  • Exercise bands with handles are best- as they provide more options for exercises. These are great when space and/ or storage is limited!
  • Dumbbells- start with one set:
    • For women- start with a set of 8 or 10# dumbbells, and men 15- 20#
    • There are many things around the house that can very easily serve as weights to make your workout more challenging. Here are some things that I have used with client’s in their home workout:
      • Gallon of water
      • Gallon of Franks Red Hot Sauce (no joke!)
      • Heavy pots and pans
      • Cans of vegetable
      • Sack of flour
      • Small children if they are willing!
    • You can add more dumbbells and/ or kettle bells as you progress. But no need to gather these things as you are beginning.
  • Stability ball- these are great when you have the space as they can function like an exercise bench.
    • Store them under your desk as your new chair! Helps with posture while at the computer!
  • A mirror that you can move around is a great idea to give you feedback about your form as you exercise.

What are some benefits of a home workout?

  • Save lots of money on a yearly gym membership!

  • Save time on travel! And that means more time for the workout! Yeah!

  • No need to get pretty! Wear whatever you want and no need to brush your teeth or your hair!

  • Your pets can join!

  • You can take your workout outside! Soak up the sunshine and the fresh air for an more invigorating workout!

A couple other suggestions to get you started:

  • Schedule your workout in each week- just as you would your trip to the gym. There are many more distraction at home and its easy to get side-tracked!
  • Avoid distractions! Turn off your cell phone- don’t answering texts, emails while exercising…this diminishes the intensity of the workout.
  • If you’re struggling with pain in your workouts, consider setting up a session with me to help get you moving again without pain.
  • If you need more motivation or variety in your home workouts, consider taking one of my virtual classes!

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