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Fitness and Wellness Classes

*Classes are adaptable to all ability levels*

  • Alignment & Core Yoga: These classes will begin with sun salutations then move into a sequence that focuses on alignment and core strength within the postures. Drop in classes are $15/ 75 min. class
  • ELDOA: These classes focus on specific postures designed to relieve pressure & improve tissue quality around a joint or spinal segment. The ELDOA method is an incredible tool for performance enhancement, injury prevention, pain management, and musculoskeletal & cardiovascular health. ELDOA assists with improving posture & circulation, reducing vertebral compression, improving mobility & muscle tone, while also improving core function, balance & stability. Drop in classes are $15/ 60 min. class
  • Outdoor Fitness for Women: These classes are held on the walking trail at The Buccaneer. Classes begin with a total body warm up, then move into strengthening movements that focus on functional movements & core strength. That is followed by a bit of cardio and stretching….all while we enjoy the beauty of the setting sun. ADVANCED SIGN UP IS REQUIRED.* 4- class series is $60. Contact me for more information and to reserve your spot. 60 min. class
  • Yin Yoga: These candlelit classes integrate breathing and yin style yoga poses to deeply relax and release the physical body. This 75 min. practice will leave you feeling relaxed and grounded. This class is open to all ability levels. Drop in classes are $15/ 75 min. class