An Upper Body Warm Up

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A well-balanced warm- up is essential to help prevent injuries. I find that people tend to think that warm ups are something to do in preparation for exercise only. Yes, we want to do a warm up before we workout, but I think warm up movements can be a valuable piece in our daily movement program as well.

Daily movement does not always have to involve a trip to the gym, or even ten solid minutes of an activity. It can simply be a few different stretches that you do regularly throughout your day to counterbalance the downward pull of gravity and the effects of desk posture, or prepare you for gardening work, or a run or workout. Strive to move your body in some way, every, single day and you’ll be off to a good start!

I have recorded some short and simple warm up videos for you to follow. These videos can be done in full as shown or, you can take a couple of the movements demonstrated and incorporate them into your daily routines. You could do them while you’re waiting for your coffee/tea to brew in the morning, after your brush your teeth, at regular times thru-out your workday- maybe every bathroom break, or you could them while preparing dinner, or as you prepare for bed. The upper body warm- up presented here is particularly good for the desk jockeys out there that spend too many hours sitting at a computer; use this series to break out of the challenging posture that a desk job demands!

If you strive to counterbalance the effects of gravity daily, you have the potential to improve your posture, have less pain, and move better.

Check out my video for a total body warm up. It’s is the perfect way to prepare for your home ELDOA practice.

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Upper Extremity Warm up

This sequence makes an excellent preparation for strength training the upper body and helps to release tension in the upper back, shoulders, and neck.